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Big Guns: If you're new, you're gonna want to use the powerful weapons. The rocket launcher, plasma gun, and shotgun are ideal. Avoid the other weapons as they will need you to have some decent aim, while these weapons don't. The rocket launcher will take out anything nearby, the plasma gun does a lot of damage, and the shotgun is deadly at point blank. Make sure to choose wisely about which weapons you use based on how close the enemy is.
Doors: Do not just expect to run through a door without getting riddled with bullets. People will be camping so be very cautious when moving from room to room.
Hiding: Hiding is actually key to DOOM 3 multiplayer. Hiding near power-ups can also be a good idea for when a player comes around to grab it, you can frag him. Remember though, don't stay in the same spot too long, people will catch onto you.
Keep Moving: If you want to survive in multiplayer, you're going to have to learn how to move as well as when and where. Running around blasting everything won't get you to the top of the frag list in this game.
Lights: In some levels you will be able to do things which affect the light. If the lights go out, your best bet is to wait and hide for the other players.
Listen & Look: Doors and lifts will make noise if used so be sure to listen. It will be key for trying to find the enemy, especially in one on one. Also, watch for any pickups that are missing, that will mean the enemy was there not long ago.
Med Kits: Getting health pick-ups are key to DOOM 3. Memorize where the med kits spawn so if you need them you know where to go.
Power Ups: Power-Ups are another very important thing to surviving. You'll need to keep in control of them so others don't get a chance to get them.
Using Grenades: Grenades can't be underestimated in this game. They can be great for dropping down to lower levels or into power-up areas if you know someone is camping there waiting for you. Be careful you don't hold them to long, they will explode and kill you if you do.
Weaker Players: If you see that there are people in game who are new, go for them. The veterans will be preying on you anyway, so you go for the newer people. If you know there is a veteran in the server who is just killing everyone in his path, avoid him. Even if you can't top his frags in the end, it's better than getting a ton of deaths.

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