Dwayne Johnson

File:Dwayne Johnson.jpg Dwayne Johnson (Sarge) has solidified his position among Hollywood's hottest leading men. His co-starring role in Universal's The Mummy Returns first brought him to the attention of the entertainment industry, and his starring role in The Scorpion King broke box office records with the biggest April opening of all time.

Johnson is currently shooting his starring role in the science fiction thriller Southland Tales for famed writer/director Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko). This film is made up of an eclectic and all-star cast, also co-starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Seann William Scott.

Johnson recently wrapped production on Gridiron Gang, in which he plays a correctional facility counselor who forms a football team of young criminals. The film is based on a true story and is being directed by Phil Joanou. Gridiron Gang is set for release on September 15th, 2006 and has already been deemed Sony's big hit for next fall.

Johnson was last seen co-starring with an all-star cast in MGM's Be Cool, the sequel to Get Shorty directed by F. Gary Gray. Johnson co-starred with John Travolta, Uma Thurman, and Vince Vaughn in a role that allows him to further expand his repertoire by playing a gay bodyguard who is also an aspiring singer. Johnson received rave reviews and critical acclaim for his performance.

Johnson was recently seen in MGM's remake of Walking Tall, which co-stars Johnny Knoxville and Neal McDonough. He played the role of sheriff Chris Vaughn who comes back to his hometown after serving in the Army, only to find it corrupted. This version, inspired by the original Buford Pusser story, is about one man's fight to stand up to injustice and save both his family and the town that he loves so dearly. Walking Tall not only enjoyed great box office success, but also has climbed the charts as one of the top selling DVDs ever.

Before that, Johnson was seen starring in Universal's The Rundown. Peter Berg helmed this action/comedy starring Johnson, Seann William Scott, Rosario Dawson and Christopher Walken. The Rundown further exemplifies Johnson's action-hero status with the die-hard action sequences and his undeniable screen presence. The Rundown opened number one at the box office on opening weekend, and was critically acclaimed by the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and Ebert & Roeper.

Born in San Francisco and raised in Hawaii, Johnson would become a third-generation professional wrestler, following the WWF careers of his father, Rocky Johnson, and his grandfather, Samoan High Chief Peter Maivia. Johnson shined as a high school All-American and as a star defensive lineman for the University of Miami Hurricanes. He had a brief career in the Canadian Football league and after a shoulder injury, turned to the world of wrestling. "The People's Champion" has gone on to set a record as the six-time World Wrestling Federation Champion. Not content to remain in front of the camera, his autobiography, "The Rock Says," was released in January 2000 and shot to number one on The New York Times Bestseller List.

After his March 2000 appearance on Saturday Night Live (surprising many with his strength in the comedic ring and garnering the show's highest ratings that year), Johnson was cast by director Stephen Sommers in The Mummy Returns, which to date has grossed more than $400 million worldwide. Once again Johnson parlayed his natural charisma into box office gold, not only safeguarding the Mummy franchise, but also pushing it to a new level. His character was so well received by Universal executives during dailies that they quickly planned a film based on his character, The Scorpion King.

Johnson resides in Florida with his wife Dany and daughter Simone Alexandra.

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