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This page will contain a list of all the weapons as well as items and enemies that you will encounter while playing Doom.

[edit] Enemies

This page contains a list of all the enemies that you will encounter during the game.

Doom.jpg - Former Human

This could very well be the person who you were joking around with not 2 days ago. Well, now he's working for the enemy so you'll have to put that memory aside and give him a memory with your guns. The first enemy you will usually encounter, not powerful or deadly and can be dispatched easily with any weapon, you get a clip when you kill this guy.

Doom2.jpg - Former Human Sergeant

Tougher than Former Humans but weaker than Former Human Commandos, these guys aren't too bad on their own, more of a threat in groups though especially at close range. They will drop a Shotgun when you waste them.

Doom3.jpg - Imp

Not maybe the appearance you were expecting, Imps are seen early on but are hard to bring down with just a pistol. A shotgun blast will kill them in one go but you'll need several pistol shots, not great with its slow rate of fire. Be sure to find something more powerful to kill these guys with.

Doom4.jpg - Demon

These guys are tough early on, but one of the weaker enemies overall. Their biggest weakness is the fact they have to be right next to you to attack you, so you have all the time it takes them to cover the distance between you to kill them. Also, if you have a chainsaw that will kill them without them being able to retaliate.

Doom5.jpg - Spectre

Demons with the power of an Invisibility sphere, quite a deadly combination in a dark room.

Doom6.jpg - Cacodemon

Big floating red things that spit fireballs at you. These guys are quite large so they're easy to hit, you'll need 2 rockets to dispatch them.

Doom7.jpg - Lost Soul

Flying skulls of fire is the best way to describe these enemies. They are produced by the Pain Elementals and will fly directly at your position, though if you move they won't adjust accordingly, they'll just carry on going until they hit something. 1 rocket or 2 shotgun blasts will make these guys think about messing with you again.

Doom8.jpg - Baron of Hell

These guys are the strongest non-boss enemies that you will come across. While fairly slow and having easy to avoid attacks on their own, in a group they will either take all of your attention or they will get you while you're shooting other people. You will need 5-6 rockets in order to bring these guys down, they're that tough. Often coming in pairs you feel like you should get something for killing them besides just satisfaction.

Doom9.jpg - Spider Mastermind

Supposedly the brains behind these operations and seemingly the mother of the Arachnotrons. Being equipped with a big Chaingun instead of a Plasma Gun doesn't make these guys any easier, their attack will change you to Swiss cheese in no time at close range. Spider Masterminds are large targets though and at long distance you can use a Rocket Launcher or BFG without taking too much damage and be confident it won't be able to move its large frame out of the way in time.

Doom10.jpg - Cyberdemon

Big and with a powerful rocket launcher, the Cyberdemon is the toughest enemy you will face in this game. Taking upwards of 35 rockets or several BFG shots to bring down, thankfully these guys are few and far between. If you don't have anything more powerful than a shotgun then avoiding these guys until you do is a wise strategy.

[edit] Items

This page contains a list of all the items that you can pick up in the game. They all take effect immediately when you pick them up and if you are unable to pick something up it's because you have maxed out that particular stat. Note that these values are for the difficulty levels "Not Too Rough", "Hurt Me Plenty" and "Ultra Violence". For "I'm Too Young To Die" and "Nightmare" the value of the ammunition pickups are doubled.

Dom1.jpg - Clip

This adds 5 ammo for the Pistol and Chaingun.

Dom2.jpg - Box of Bullets

This adds 50 ammo for the Pistol and Chaingun.

Dom3.jpg - Shotgun Shells

This adds 4 ammo for the Shotgun.

Dom4.jpg - Box of Shells

This adds 20 ammo for the Shotgun.

Dom5.jpg - Rocket

This adds 1 ammo for the Rocket Launcher

Dom6.jpg - Box of Rockets

This adds 5 ammo for the Rocket Launcher

Dom7.jpg - Small Cell

This adds 20 ammo for the Plasma Rifle and BFG 9000.

Dom8.jpg - Large Cell

This adds 100 ammo for the Plasma Rifle and BFG 9000.

Dom9.jpg Dom10.jpg - Key Cards/Skulls

These cards/skulls are needed to pass through coloured doors or activate colour based switches. The order you find them in a level is not always the same but if you come up against a coloured door you haven't got the key/skull for, look around for it or maybe you're supposed to go through a different door first.

Dom11.jpg - Stimpack

This adds 10 to your health up to a maximum of 100.

Dom12.jpg - Medipack

This adds 25 to your health up to a maximum of 100.

Dom13.jpg -Large Medipack

This will bring your health up to 100 if you have less but it will also swap you to your fist and give it tremendous power for the rest of the level.

Dom14.jpg - Soul Sphere

This adds 100 to your health up to a maxiumum of 200.

Dom15.jpg - Health Vial

This adds 1 to your health up to a maximum of 200

Dom16.jpg - Armour

Picking this up will take your armour up to 100.

Dom17.jpg - Combat Armour

Picking this up will take your armour up to 200.

Dom18.jpg - Armour Shard

This adds 1 to your armour up to a maximum of 200.

Dom19.jpg - Backpack

This doubles your maximum ammo capacity for all weapons once as well as giving you 10 bullets, 4 shells, 1 rocket and 20 cells.

Dom20.jpg - Computer Map

This will reveal the entire map to you on your map screen. The parts in grey are parts you have not been to yet.

Dom21.jpg - Invulnerability

This will make you completely invincible for a short period of time. Your entire screen will go white for the duration. When the screen starts flashing between white and normal colours, the power up is about to run out.

Dom22.jpg - Partial Invisibility

This causes you to go partially invisible for a short period of time. Enemy attacks will be less accurate while this power-up is in effect.

Dom23.jpg - Night Vision Goggles

These goggles will light up darker areas for a short period of time, very handy when rooms are dimly lit or not even lit at all.

Dom24.jpg - Radiation Suit

This will render temporarily you immune to damage while walking over acidic/toxic surfaces like lava and acid. Your screen will have a tint of green while this suit is in effect.

[edit] Weapons

This page contains a list of all the weapons that you can encounter while playing Doom.

Dm1.jpg - Fist - Weapon Slot 1 - Ammo = N/A

One of your two starting weapons. Even though you're a big guy, you'll need more than your fists to successfully take down all but the weakest of enemies. The power of your punch can be enhanced through Beserk power-ups.

Dm2.jpg - Chainsaw - Weapon Slot 1 - Ammo = N/A

This takes the place of your fist and carries a lot more stopping power, if only at very close range. This weapon can be used to take down the pink Demons without them being able to attack back, but bigger enemies will be able to get hits in even while you're trying to run through them with this weapon. This should only be used as a last resort.

Dm3.jpg - Pistol - Weapon Slot 2 - Ammo = 200

Your other starting weapon. Handy for taking down some of the early enemies, but even the lowly Imps take several shots. Outside of the Former Humans and Former Human Sergeants, this weapon is not very useful. Luckily there should be more powerful weapons not too far into the game. Ammo for this weapon and the Chaingun are dropped by Former Humans.

Dm4.jpg - Shotgun - Weapon Slot 3 - Ammo = 50

One of the staple weapons. It's found very early on from the Former Human Sergeants and can kill the early enemies with ease. Even against some of the bigger enemies this weapon is a good fallback if you run out of bigger guns. Because of the spread this weapon is more deadly at close range than a long-distance firefight. Shotguns are dropped by Former Human Sergeants with between 1 and 4 ammo.

Dm5.jpg - Chaingun - Weapon Slot 4 Ammo = 200

Take the pistol and up its firing rate a few times and that's basically the chaingun. It uses the same ammunition as the pistol but really, once you have this gun you'll never really look at the pistol again. The high rate of fire is able to delay or stop some enemies from firing altogether which is an added bonus for this weapon. Chainguns are dropped by Former Human Commandos.

Dm6.jpg - Rocket Launcher - Weapon Slot 5 - Ammo = 50

The Rocket Launcher is one of the most useful and powerful weapons in the game. Able to kill all early enemies in one hit and everyone bar the 2 large bosses can be put down in no more than 5 or 6 rockets. The rockets cause splash damage which can hurt nearby enemies but also yourself if you are too close, so watch out you're not too close to the explosion yourself.

Dm7.jpg - Plasma Rifle - Weapon Slot 6 - Ammo = 300

Think Chaingun but with plasma cells for ammunition and you have the Plasma Rifle. Firing blue balls of plasma at a very high rate this weapon is pretty powerful. Unlike in some games, there is no "overheating" of the weapon so you can keep firing until you deplete all 300 cells.

Dm8.jpg - BFG 9000 - Weapon Slot 7 - Ammo = 300

This is the most powerful weapon in the game, capable of dealing massive damage to anyone within range. The closer the enemy is to the impact point the more damage that will be dealt. One shot is enough to clear a large amount of weak enemies in one go. This weapon uses the same ammunition as the Plasma Rifle, but if you're only killing a few enemies at a time then you're best off using that weapon because this one has a long recharge time and uses 40 cells per shot.

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