Types of Amunition

There are many types of ammuntion that you can find in the game.


[edit] Bullets

The Pistol and the Chain Gun use bullets. This type of ammunition is quite common (usually from dead Zombiemen), clips hold 5 bullets whereas a box of bullets hols 50.

[edit] Shells

The Shotgun and the Super Shotgun use shotgun shells, which do more damage than bullets. Stray shells come in a set of 4, and a box of shells gives you 20 shells.

[edit] Rockets

The Rocket Launcher uses powerful (but dangerous) rockets, you will not find a whole lot of them around, and when you do, it will receive 1 rocket when it is just one laying around, and a box of rockets hold either 5 or 10 rockets.

[edit] Energy Cells

The futurisic weapons, the Plasma Gun, the BFG 9000 and the Laser Cannon use this weird ammunition, it is very rare to find, but when you do, it quanity in them are worth the search, a small energy cell pack hols 20 charges and a large one holds 100 charges.

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